The Honeymoon Phase

There are so many pieces of advice I try to share with my members at the boxing studio along the way.

When it comes to new members, I look at them as budding flowers. In order to grow, you must water them, and shed light onto them. Casting shadows isn’t going to help them blossom into who they can be, but sometimes it’s important to let them know that shadows do come, and they shall pass.

Just like a new relationship, joining a new gym can be exciting. We go into these new experiences with an open mind. The thrill of becoming a better person is enough to light the fire. Once you’re in, and you feel the effects of what training does for your mind, and body, you can easily become hooked.

I like to think of joining boxing as starting a new relationship, or the beginning stages atleast. Sometimes, you try it a few times, and realize it’s not for you, and other times you jump in head first, and fall in love.

It is very common to feel:

1. Hopeful for the future

Joining a new class can create positive vibes that not only excite you, but they fuel you with motivation and desire to become a better person. This creates a hopeful feeling that opens your your mind to the new possibilities of the future.

2. High

The first time I ever hit pads, I went home feeling an almost euphoric type sensation through my body. I couldn’t help but think about how I wanted more! Despite throwing up in the garbage can at the gym, I was stoked to have found something with such intensity. The levels of dopamine were coursing through my veins.

3. Grateful

Joining a gym can fill you with gratitude. I know that at my studio, the dynamic is strong, welcoming, and warm. People who join tend to feel a sense of “home” when they feel the energy between the walls. I know from experience that other gyms have the same vibes (so it’s not just my studio). This allows people to feel grateful to be apart of something so wonderful.

The only way to describe joining a fitness club is to relate it to the honey moon stage of a relationship. We feel very similar feelings in a new relationship as we do joining a gym.

It is important to know that honey moon phases don’t last forever.

Let’s go back to the beginning when I said that shadows are inevitable.

I want my members to know that just like a relationship, training becomes apart of our lifestyle. There are going to be times when trainjng gets stale, or you hit a plateau.

In order for your relationship with fitness to grow, you have to accept that it’s not always going to be full of highs, feelings of gratitude, and hopefulness. There will be times you don’t want to train, or you may feel like giving up. The excitement you once felt can fade, and you will have to find ways to re motivate yourself.

The only way one can remain strong is to fight through the dark times, and teach yourself that no matter how hard it can get, you’re always going to find ways to light a spark, and get that fire going again.

Sometimes it’s as small as reading a few posts on Instagram to inspire you, and other times it’s as big as taking a som