Pregnancy And Exercise- Is It Safe?

One of the first questions I had for my doctor was, “Can I still workout hard?”

I am 31 years old, and my first pregnancy was twelve years ago. I was just shy of my nineteenth birthday, and I did not know my body nearly the way I do now.

Having fought as an amateur boxer for eight years, and a professional for three, I had come to know every weight change, pulled muscle, discomfort, and hormone in my body.

As an athlete, you become in tuned with your body on all levels. You also become obsessed with training. The thought of not being able to train is more than just scary. It’s a nightmare.

My doctor laughed, and said

“Kylie. Your body is a Ferrari, don’t drive it like a Ford.”

With that being said, I continued to hit pads with my co coach Sierra, trained in my boxing classes, lifted weights at Goodlife, and continued my walking routes at Canada Post which sometimes were up to 30,000 steps per day. I did feel sluggish, and had to really push myself to train, but nonetheless, I was still working hard.

At about eight weeks, I ended up in the hospital, bleeding, and thinking the absolute worst.

“I am having a miscarriage.”

The moment our baby came up on the ultrasound, the technician showed me that the baby’s heartbeat was strong. I cried with happiness.

It turns out, I have a subchorionic hemorrhage on my uterus that approximately 1.3% of women go through during pregnancy. Majority of the time, women continue going through their pregnancy, and delivering healthy babies. But just like any complication, there’s risks involved.

Doctors do not have this quite figured out, but it’s recommended that women who have a SCH should take it easy to reduce the risk of causing the hemorrhage to grow. They tend to clear up over time. Our bodies work wonders when we listen to them. In this case, we need to rest when necessary and don’t overdo it.

I knew that it was time to park this Ferrari in the garage, and pull out the ol’ Honda.

The initial three weeks after I had the biggest scare of my life, I was okay with resting for most of the day, and only going out to coach or do light cleaning around the house. But for an athlete like myself, I started to fe