Not Everyday Will Be Your Best Day

Today was one of those extremely hard days where my brain turned to mush, my eyelids feel heavy, and defeat is the only word to describe how my heart is feeling. But my brain knows my heart so well. Luckily I have trained myself over the years to rise above the feeling, and accept that today is just a bad day, and tomorrow is a new day.

Having a newborn is mostly joy mixed with feelings of warmth, pride, and love. I catch myself staring at my son in complete awe multiple times a day.

On a regular basis, I pull his little feet out of his sleeper before changing the worlds biggest poop. I love seeing his bare feet pop out. I’ll kiss his feet, and tell him how much Mama loves his toes despite being inches away from a dirty diaper. Because when you are a Mom, almost everything about your baby is adorable.

Today was not adorable. My baby was so fussy, and it seemed that everything I tried to do wasn’t working.

We have noticed that Thai (our baby) is very gassy. I have been fighting to figure out if it’s something I am eating, or doing wrong. Note that all newborns tend to be gassy.

It’s often said that it takes a newborns little body a few months to adapt to their digestive system. This can cause a lot of grunting, and groaning. But then there’s this fine line of what’s normal and what’s not, and I find myself to be smack dab on that line.

I am currently working my ass off to figure out if there’s something I can do on my end to comfort my baby. The last thing I want to do is cut out dairy, and caffeine. I drink one coffee a day. It has been my life line since bringing a baby home.

There are so many tips, forums, articles, and advice out there regarding gassy babies. There’s actually so much information, it can sometimes be overwhelming.

From all the research I’ve done, these tend to be the most popular tips that you can try before looking at your own diet:

  • Baby massage

  • Bicycles while baby is flat on his/her back

  • Keeping baby’s head above belly while feeding, and making sure the nipple is full during feeding (no air)

  • Lots of burps throughout each feeding

  • Using slow flow nipples to reduce risk of a sore belly if baby gets the milk too quickly

  • Warm bath from the waist down can get the bowels flowing

  • Using a rectal thermometer can stimulate the bowels

  • Lots of tummy time throughout the day

I have tried almost all of the above (except for the thermometer. Instead, I use penatin cream on his little bum after diaper changes, and massage it in a little longer on days I see he is struggling with pooping. I have noticed that he will poop shortly after.

Here are some over the counter remedies you can try: