How To Master True Happiness

Being on vacation has a whole new vibe for me at thirty one years old. My mind has grown, my spirit feels free, and my heart is full.

Twenty nine year old Kylie had her awakening on vacation in 2018.

Let me pull a piece of my journal out from my thirtieth birthday vacation in Dominican Republic.

“Coaching women, and children the sport I love most gives me happiness. Painting pictures for children makes me happy. Spending time mentoring others brings happiness to my life. Singing for others brings me so much joy. I love connecting with an audience. The loud cheering in the crowd when I’m fighting fills me with gratitude and appreciation.

I can’t afford my rent.

I almost lost my car insurance.

I am being pushed out of coaching women’s boxing.

I am leaving my toxic relationship for good. I just can’t be in that anymore. It’s killing me slowly.

I feel like I’m losing absolutely everything. It hurts. I’m going to be thirty, and I feel terrified. I’m full of anger, sadness, anxiety, and pain.”

Without those moments from my past, I would not be where I am today. Pain is what taught me true strength.

When life gets hard, you have two choices. You can choose to remain in turmoil, or you can choose to overcome it.

Here is three pieces of advice I could offer to those who are suffering inside:

1. There’s no shame in seeking professional help. Without my therapist, I wouldn’t have all the tools I have today to overcome life’s hardships. Life will always throw challenges your way. Without the tools, and proper mindset, you will struggle to overcome them.

2. Without self love, you will never find true love. This one is kind