Getting Pregnant Isn’t Always A Walk In The Park

Twelve years have passed since I gave birth to my first born. Everything seemed too easy at that time. Getting pregnant was an “oopsie” moment, being pregnant was nowhere near the experience I am having now, and getting back to my original size after his birth was seemingly easy as I look back.

Women all around me are having children, or trying to have children, and all I want to do is offer my own experience as a guide for those who may be struggling.

Getting pregnant is something many women will plan, and then end up feeling as though they are failing at something they thought would come easy, or would happen fairly quickly. When fate doesn’t offer us the plan that we had in our minds, it‘s easy to start questioning why it seems easy for so many others.

I know that many of you may feel bitter towards those eighteen year olds who snap their fingers and become pregnant. Or that couple who isn’t even trying and gets pregnant. How about that woman who becomes pregnant after a one night stand. It doesn’t seem fair when you are trying so hard!

What we need to understand is that getting pregnant is different for every woman. While some will get pregnant by just talking about it (not really), and others will take months, or years, we need to remember that each pregnancy journey is different. Lets not forget the women suffer through miscarriages, or other complications that hinder the chances of becoming a new Mommy. Those are the most heartbreaking.

If you are somebody struggling, please hold onto that faith. No matter what, there’s always a way to become a parent. As long as you’re not stealing your neighbours baby.

Getting pregnant in my thirties wasn’t as simple as I thought it was going to be. The only thing that saved me from being that woman who obsesses with my basal body temperate, and ovulation date’s was my partner who told me that it’ll happen when it happens. He continued to tell me for months that we will have a baby someday, but to let that day come on it’s own without obsessing.