My name is Kylie Angel. I am 31 years old and at a very young age, I started to believe in living every moment with passion. I refuse to conform to a life that has no purpose. I was given many gifts from God, and I want nothing more than to serve my purpose by using my gifts here on earth.

"If you want to truly be successful, your desire to make a difference has to be greater than your desire to make money."- Jon Gordon

Gifts were given to be shared. 

The first memory I have of helping another person was when I was in junior kindergarten. There was this little girl in my class named Meghan Hart. She was in a wheelchair. All I remember is that I wanted to push her at recess in her wheelchair. I wanted to do that everyday. I did not know it then, but I know it now. God gave me the gift of compassion. He placed a special part in me that would reach out to those who need me. I do not take credit for this gift. I recognize it, and want to share it. 

In grade three, there was a def girl in my class. She had beautiful, long red hair. Not red like mine. Red like natural red headed people are . She used to sing Alanis Morrisette, and man was she good. I remember kids being apprehensive towards being her friend because she was different. At recess, I always asked her to sing for me, and she did. She was a very bright light, and I enjoyed being around her.

In grade four my family moved to a new city and I didn’t know anybody. For the first little while, I spent many of my recesses playing with the little boy who had special needs. I would go home and tell my Mom how funny he was, and I enjoyed his personality. 

As I grew up, I always found people I wanted to help. I volunteered at an old age home when I was 10 years old. There was something about the happiness in the old people when I would come visit that made me feel good inside. I would sing to them, spend time with them, and read with them. I also stood up to bullies all throughout school. I couldn’t stand seeing people getting picked on. I was suspended a few times for fighting, and it was always because I beat up a bully.

I am 31 years old now. My desire to help others burns stronger than ever. I have spent the last ten years in the gym where I found boxing. Boxing has helped me build confidence in myself. Boxing has played a huge role in who I am today. For many of those years as a boxer, I was missing one important thing that many of us lack. Self love.

Self love was the medicine that opened my eyes. For so many years I was helping others while I was living with a broken heart. I masked my pain with training, music, and art.

I found a therapist in 2017, and she changed my life. She helped me see things that I probably wouldn’t have been able to see without her guidance. She gave me the tools to love myself.

Helping others has a different meaning for me now that I actually have found self love. I used to be unknowingly ignorant in helping others. The desire, and good intent was there, but how can I actually help others when I didn’t even love myself? Once I started helping myself, and loving myself, the picture became clearer. I was able to leave a relationship behind that was holding me back, and I began to treat myself with the respect that I deserved. I was finally able to turn my life around, and I have spent the last year blossoming quicker than I could've imagined. All of the tools I gained over the years finally started to work at a fast pace. 

I was born to help others. Maybe I hadn’t figured it all out growing up, but my intentions to help others have always been pure. I have a deep knowing that I am here to help, and I am so blessed to have been put on the proper paths that helped me grow into who I am right now. Some of my paths were dark, but those paths forced me to find the light. I am able to speak to others from a place of compassion, because I understand pain and suffering, and know what it takes to overcome it. 

I want to help women. Why? Because I am a woman, and I have seen the darkness. I have overcome darkness many times in my life, and I have collected tools along my journey that I feel are vital in becoming who you’re meant to be. Whether it’s relationships, work life, friendships, nutrition, depression, or anxiety, I have been through it all. The reason I coach women’s boxing is not to create boxers. It’s to build confidence in women!

My journey in helping others started at a very young age, and the desire to help others has never went away. I am ready to talk from a place of self love, and this is new for me. My words have so much more meaning than they ever did, and my struggles are now in the past. Struggles will always reoccur in life, but once you have the proper tools to deal with them, you will really start to see the beauty in life, and you'll be able to build the life you dream of.

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